Fosamax or Exercise?

Posted by msou @msou, Jul 4, 2022

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Did you need surgery for that? Did it heal over time? And do you mind if I ask what your bones were like when you joined. I mean, did you already HAVE osteoporosis OR were you hoping to prevent it by joining Osteostrong?

Does one have to be hospitalized for a spinal fracture?

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My osteoporosis doctor sent me to a surgeon. I did not require surgery. It healed over time, then I had physical therapy. I joined because I had osteoporosis.


I had no side effects from Fosomax. I do take a low dose 35 mg, not the usual 70 mg. I, too, was worried about side effects so told my doc I wanted the low dose.

My DEXA numbers have improved.

I now work out with a trainer twice a week - weights are pretty heavy.

I was a runner for 30 years - maybe bones just weaken with age - because running/hiking didn’t keep me from getting osteoporosis, and doctors always said walking/running is weight bearing. Or maybe my bones would have been worse without all the running/walking.

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Same here - I’ve been a walker, runner and hiker for years. Still developed Osteo. I’m working on a weight routine with a trainer. Weights are heavy and go up as I gain strength.
I think there is a lot that is not known about osteoporosis and I’ve found that I need to be my own researcher.


I have had Reclast infusions 3 times over 6 years, which helped decrease the early-stage osteoporosis (I'm 70). I've also exercised and lifted weights for decades, along with calcium, vitamin D, etc. So, the exercise likely helped but not enough. I didn't do hormones due to breast cancer risk, and have celiac, which probably didn't help the osteo (malabsorption disease).

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