Does Forteo cause constipation? How did you deal with it?

Posted by allo @allo, Apr 14, 2019

Does Forteo cause constipation. If so, how is it treated?

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Yes, it does cause constipation. Try six to eight prunes in the morning.


I have been doing the Forteo injections for three months now and have not experienced any complications or side-effects. I do agree with eating Prunes (which I like anyway). There are studies that show eating 10 prunes a day helps with Osteoporosis/Osteopenia, so eating them for constipation will have a double-positive impact. Personally, I’ll put a bunch of prunes in water and simmer them for a few minutes (you can do this in the microwave), then put them in the fridge. They get soft and sweet. See https: //

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