TKR and problems with foot tingling and pain

Posted by 2catfamily @2catfamily, Dec 9, 2019

I had total knee replacement 15 months ago. My nerves have come back even next to my knee that I was told possibly may not. I’m having many problems with my leg. The worse is my heal and bottom of my foot and side tingles and feels painful at times hard to walk on it. I also have stiffness around my side of my knee cap. My motion is very good and I can walk longer and stand longer then before having it done. Just don’t understand what is going on with my foot. Has anyone else have problems like this and has it gone away with time?

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I'm sure you are not alone with not understanding what's going on with your foot. Hoping you'll find some answers soon.


Hello. I have had that problem with my foot since I had the surgery. They are now saying it’s sciatica.


Hello. Same with me. I had an MRI and now I am looking an spine surgery as it is all coming from my L5 and S1 nerves. Had the nerve study done as well. I am 9 1/2 weeks out. Horrible


I am 8 months out from right tkr and struggled since day 1 with foot neuropathy. It was xcruciating to have rhe sheet touch my toe, when I got started being more active and using stationary bike, sensations changed but would have numbness and when I tried walking more rhan a block, extreme psin abd a fatigued feeling in my ankle and foot. I spent a lot of time seeing podiatrist, neurologist who did a nerve study and muscle reaction study, saw an orthopefist specialising n foot and ankle. All said there was no cause they could find, and maybe a nerve had been under a lot of compression during surgery. Orthopefist said maybe the nerve is gettting used to being stretched now, after a few years pre surgery not stretching much since I did not have much range of motion before knee replacement. I stopped being focused on it and decided that with time it would get better. I can't edit the beginning of this for some reason, and want to correct my timeline. I am almost 9 months after surgery. At about 8 months there was a sudden improvement i. My foot pain. I coyld do things and forget that rhete was a problem. I have bedn doing intense squats with a bar, and knee extension machine and leg press machine. I am up to 80 pounds on the bar with three sets of 10 squats, can leg press sets of 120 pounds single leg, 55 pounds on three sets of leg extension. I continue to stationary bike about 6 miles a day and have to do heel slides with a strap tomgetbto my 130-135 flexion, can only do about 125-130 flexion active lying down. So I think with patience and continuing strength building, foot neuropathy will get better, from my experience!

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