Foot problems after TKR

Posted by topdog11 @topdog11, Apr 1, 2018

Hey guys, I am new here and have had some of my concerns answered just by reading your questions and peoples replies. I see my PT tomorrow and will be asking him, but thought I would ask this of others who have had TKR. I am 2 1/2 weeks out. The next day after surgery I pulled my calf muscle. It has slowed me down with my straightening of my leg. But I am still progressing. But my question is. I have been walking basically straight leg and flat footed on my left leg for at least 20 years. Now I am trying to relearn how to walk heel-toe. My ankle is swollen, just a little and across the top of the foot it almost feels like I sprained it. Plus, when I hang it down it almost feels numb. I think this might be because I am now using my foot in a whole new way. Walking heel to toe and bending the foot. Any one else have any foot problems on the leg they had surgery, and did it turn out to be anything to worry about. Thanks everyone.

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Oh my I can relate to that. I was so anxious to start walking and doing things like years ago before my knee got so bad. the first couple of months seemed promising. I no longer had any pain in my knee after a few months. The knee was great. Then I started to have swelling in the surgery leg in my foot. The surgeon said they had to turn my leg and that the muscles needed time to adjust. It seemed to get worse and they sent me to a ortho foot doctor who had no clue what was going on and sent me to imaging center to see if I had a blood clot. Then he fit me with a brace. Why he didn't know that this was a common thing I don't understand. To make a long boring story short…..I went to several doctors none seem to have a clue, I was given prednisone, antibiotics and many other wrong diagnosis. I started researching for myself and found out this is a common problem. plantar fasciitis and neuropathy is just one of the problems that can develop from having your leg turned in TKR surgery. So I am going to go back to a foot doctor and discuss what I found. Hopefully in time the foot problem will resolve enough to have good use of my leg again. I'm in my 8th month since my TKR. Also the foot on my surgery leg was always a flat foot, so when I discussed this fact with the doctor as an additional possibility for problems, he dismissed it saying "it just needs time"!! I find you have to be your own advocate and research as much info as you can. :[

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Definitely have to be own advocate. Cause no one cares about your pain

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