Follicular thyroid cancer with Hurthle cell variant.

Posted by notagain @notagain, Aug 19, 2023

Is follicular thyroid cancer with Hurthle cell variant the same as Hurthle cell carcinoma?

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Did you have the thyroid nodule removed and dissected to find out the type of cells or is this the potential result from the FNA? Hurthle cell is only diagnosable after removing the part of the thyroid with the nodule and having it sampled. I had a primary diagnosis after an FNA of Hurthle Cell Neoplasm and some other cells and opted to get a total thyroidectomy after reading more about Hurthle Cell Carcinoma. It ended up that it was Hurthle Cell Carcinoma. Glad I got it all removed.


Hi @504branchie ! We have the same case…I also had a thyroidectomy and the biopsy result was HURTHLE CELL CARCINOMA. I had a radioactive iodine treatment last year and had my second scintigraph test in June. With God’s grace there was no metastasis found and my Tg is negative for the third time.
May I know if when did you have the thyroidectomy and what therapy did you ho through. I am still worried of future metastasis… I read that hurthle cell carcinoma is an aggressive thpe of cancer. Please share me some thoughts to ease my worries in the future. Thank you🙏❤️


Hello, @gel315! I am worried too for the same reasons you are! My doctor told me that HCC does not always go to the lymph nodes first and can travel through the blood vessels which is why we need to be vigilant. I had the TT on June 27th. It was stage 2 and noninvasive to the lymph nodes. I am healing up well! The biggest struggle is tiredness, a strained voice, and adjusting to the medication, which really hasn't been too bad since I had Hashimoto's and NEVER felt right before the surgery! I have not gone through any follow-up therapy like you have, and have a week of comprehensive appointments scheduled at Mayo in mid-September. Prior to finding the HCC, lung and liver spots showed up, but they could be nothing, looking forward to finding out. As well, I have had pain in my left hip that has traveled down the front of my leg bone for over a year now, another thing to check out (I did have the test for blood clots and that's not it). I also have other autoimmune issues and degeneration in my spine, so who knows what's what? It could be completely unrelated to the HCC, and I certainly hope that's the case, however, I want to get it all checked out by the best so I know the state of everything and get the best plan moving forward. My Tg is higher than they'd like at this point, so another reason to follow up quickly. A question for you. How soon after your surgery did you do the RAI? Saying prayers for everyone dealing with this cancer and am happy we all have a place to learn from each other on this site! Thanks 🙂


Hi @504branchie ! How are you doing now? Sorry I haven’t replied … I always worry about future metastasis… I will have my blood works next week. I hope and pray that the Tg result is still negative/below zero. Praying for our strength in dealing with this…🙏🙏🙏❤️
In response to your question about when did i have my radioactive treatment… I had it 2 months after the surgery., after knowing the result of the biopsy -hurthle cell carcinoma.
Praying for

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