Flying with lung disease

Posted by fracturedd @fracturedd, Jun 25, 2019

I'm scared to fly due to my lung disease!! I last flew 3 years ago in August. In September my lung collapsed. Part of me thinks maybe during the flight one of my lung nodules "bursted" which wasn't enough to make my lung collapse, but put me at risk. Then caring on with physical activity,,, moving my hot tub filter, my lung officially collapsed. Or it had nothing to do with the flight and I shouldn't have been lifting heavy things during a coughing attack. Ugh I really want to get on a plane.

Does anyone else fly with bad lungs?? I will say I do feel short of breath during flight. My pulmonologist says it's a risk worth taking. Did anyone else ask their pulmonologist advice on this topic,,,and if so please share.

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Thanks Colleen. It is worth reading but those potentially effected and by the medical community. Study for flights longer than 5 hour flights would be useful.

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