First visit to Mayo and traveling alone: Winter advice?

Posted by Ruthie @bluecow, Dec 12, 2018

My initial appointment is with GI clinic. I've been seeing numerous doctors for 8-9 years, had dozens of tests, with no clear diagnoses. Some treatments have made me worse, but recent test results point to possible autoimmune liver. I wondered how it works when one's problem covers several specialities as mine does? I start at GI, but will likely need rheumatology (possible connective tissue disorder), endocrinology (I have Hashimoto's), and even neurology (weakness in legs recently). I booked a hotel at Centerstone Soldier's Field based on advice from my cousin, as I wanted a small kitchen. I am traveling from California and wonder if there is advice on what to expect in the deep of winter–my appt is Jan 24! I've read mostly good but some bad on these blogs regarding visits, and my biggest worry is I still won't get a firm diagnoses after all the time and money traveling! I'm wondering how referrals work, or do they just send you for tests and consult doctor to doctor?

I know some have advised to NOT be alone, but there is no other way I can make the visit. I'm pretty independent, but I dread the trip as I don't feel well much of the time, and it will be dead of winter and a long trip. I am booked to take shuttle from Minneapolis airport to Rochester hotel. Any advice on a first-time visit in winter would be welcome–Ruthie in warm So. California


Wear boots and a coat. Depending on where your staying,you can walk the tunnels from hotel to clinic without being in the cold. I go alone too. More than once. You’ll do fine.

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Did you know that there is a coat check in the Main Ghonda lobby? Might be others, I don't know for sure.


I travel alone regularly to see my doctor. Besides taking notes yourself, you will find in your patient online access your doctor's notes. It does allow you to check if you aren't sure you remembered something correctly.


FYI I got better rate at Centerstone Plaza at Soldier's Field hotel by calling instead of using just internet! Instead of $120 a night it is $99, but I will be in "outer" building that has double bed and kitchenette. I will have Uggs and down jacket so I'll just hurry thru the cold area into warm building and/or warm shuttle. I saw they had a coat check, great help. Their shuttle will take me anywhere I want within 1.5 mile radius, so I can do grocery shopping 🙂

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