Finished 28 Proton Therapies on Oct 20th 2023

Posted by saxman911 @saxman911, Nov 12 1:32pm

Notice that ejaculation was very painful but after 3 weeks every thing started to flow – prostate discomfort faded again-maybe I got lucky. Getting my 1st PSA ON Dec 11th 2023
I only had 1 core with a Gleason 7 – my doctors told me prior to treatment most likely I nipped it in the bud.


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Sounds like my experience. Nothing to worry about and yes, you may well have nipped it in the bud but we may never know now you have had treatment. A paradox? Possibly.


saxman911, Good luck on your first PSA check after treatments. Did you have radiation treatments?

I had 30 rounds of Proton Radiation of prostrate and margins. My worst Gleason was 3+4=7 also. But had Decipher test and went from intermediate risk to low risk. Did not change my curative radiation treatment recommendation. My oncologist/radiologist treated entire prostrate and margins. Why, because he was adamant that biopsies can miss an area and if you only treated areas found you could miss areas not found.

My first PSA was 1.2 down from 3.75 after 3 months. Have my next PSA test in December 8th. I am hoping for a under 1. I was told though it might take 1-2 years for it to get to lowest level as prostrate is pretty irritated from the radiation treatments.

I did have some side affects of lower urine flow and increase urge to go. That slowly improve and now 5 months after end of treatments pretty well back to what it was before treatments.


thanks for sharing the information my full treatment was proton and I'm actually improving after three weeks I am 71 and I'm still functioning sexually which is amazing me let's keep in touch and thanks for getting back


Painful ejaculation during proton beam treatment is normal in my opinion.

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