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Posted by nick9191 @nick9191, Mar 1 5:28pm

Hello.There is approximately 4 liters of acidic accumulated fluid in the abdomen. Could the life of a sick 86-year-old woman be in danger? Please enlighten us. Your opinions are very important, we trust you. Have a nice day and thank you in advance

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nick9191 @nick9191

Welcome to Connect. Most people on Connect are not medical professionals, but patients who may of had similar experiences.

This definitely is a question for her provider. Are they calling it ascites?
Ascites is a buildup of fluid in the abdominal cavity, This fluid build up can but pressure on other organs. This can be caused by other medical issues.

I did see few other references on Connect to ascites and discussions about draining the fluid off.

Do they know what is causing the buildup of fluid?

Laurie M


Hi @nick9191, it sounds like you might be looking for an opinion of a medical professional. If you would like to seek a second opinion with Mayo Clinic experts, you can request an appointment here:

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