Fibromyalgia and rash pain

Posted by randyste @randyste, Sep 23, 2019

Hi everyone I was out at Mayo in February a
For massive breathing issues and widespread body pain,skin sensitivities but mostly I could not breathe and was exhausted. I was diagnosed with silent reflux, Gerds, fibromyalgia, an immunoglobulin g deficiency. My roseaca and eczema which were mild on my face and arms my whole life seem to have exploded and were red itchy and tingly on my face, chest and arms, made worse by the sun. Thanks, fibromyalgia and thanks to all my docs on east coast for leaving me sick and undiagnosed for almost 2 years. Well all water under the bridge now, on the road to recovery but 2 weeks ago came down with all over red body rash, very red, not raised, very tingly and painful. Was on prednisone, topical steroids, massive antihistamines, and nothing in s helping. Antihistamines made it slightly less red but not less painful. Drs here are stumped. Any ideas??? Trying to figure out if this is my personal version of a fibromyalgia flare, and if so how to treat it?

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@randyste Welcome to connect Randy . Ive had fibromyalgia along time and when I have a flare Ive never had a red rash on my body. However when I had infectious mono I did but the rash didn't hurt I don't think it was over 40 yrs ago . With all you have now with the rash have you seen a Immunologist? Or any other specialist? The Epstein Barr virus was the culprit in my blood at that time. Just a thought Hope you post again . Others may have other suggestion on here .

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