Ferritin level not improving as other values improve

Posted by debdebkrz @debdebkrz, May 9, 2023

I am being treated for iron deficiency anemia. Iron and hgb levels improved although still lower than normal. My ferritin doesn’t seem to have budged. Was 2.6 now 2.7. I have been taking oral ferrous gluconate.
I know it takes a while for things to improve but I thought with the other numbers moving I would also see ferritin increase.

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I have been treated for ferritin levels for years. First I’ll let you know I can sympathize with you. I do hope you can feel better soon.
With the iron pills it does take a good 6months or more to see improvement on levels. If the cause of levels staying low consist of internal bleeding or malnutrition along those lines it’s hard to get ferritin levels back up in a reasonable amount of time with the iron pill. I go for IV iron. I have found that helps increase ferritin levels in a shorter time frame & I start feeling better with in no time. Good luck hope you can get your levels up and feel better


Thanks for your reply! Hoping to hear back from hem doc soon. Tired of feeling tired.

I was also wondering, my lab work came back with high immature reticulocyte fraction % (27.4). Does that have any significance? Or is that just all a part of iron deficiency anemia?

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