Feeling of pins sticking in areas of my body and heat in my chest ?

Posted by mrhaney65 @mrhaney65, Apr 6 8:41am

Does anxiety cause heat in your chest and pin pricks in different areas of your body?

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I’ve not heard of this specifically but panic attacks can cause physical symptoms that mimic other conditions.


I have had feelings of cold in my chest during severe anxiety, also a tingly buzzing feeling (hard to describe, but it feels horrible). When I get to this place it is time for me to batton down the hatches, as it generally is the worst type of anxiety I experience. I'm bipolar2, so I'm used to hypomania, and in my case my hypomania tends toward agitation more so than full blown anxiety. When I get the cold feeling in my chest it comes with the full-blown anxiety. If I ever end my own life it probably will be during one of these episodes, as they really test my coping skills. I'm usually under greater than normal stress when these occur, so managing stress to prevent these is vital. I used to drink heavily to deal with this, but I've quit drinking, which really has helped. I find exercising to near exhaustion helps when anxious, but if I get very anxious I can't make decisions or get motivated, so it isn't easy. Stay strong.

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