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Posted by needhelpparent @needhelpparent, Feb 19, 2020


My daughter who is 10 years old has been having complaints of abdominal fullness since August 2019.  It was occasional complaint then and wasn't affecting her eating then.  Started in October, the complaint grew stronger and she wasn't able to eat her school snacks, but still finished all her food.  In December, it got worse to the point she wasn't able to eat much at dinner and complaining she feels really full.  Dinner was a big struggle, she still managed to finish all her breakfast and lunch.  Up to January, daughter couldn't take any food at all, she says she feels really full all the time.  She is also experiencing constipation, she also experiences headache when she feels really full.  We have done all kinds of tests, x-ray, CT scan, endoscopy, ultrasound, upper GI test, blood tests, all have come back normal.   Now they diagnosed her as eating disorder.  I understand that she has some anxiety/fear over eating due to her fullness in the tummy, but it's not due to anything else.  Is this a form of eating disorder?
She was admitted to the hospital 3 weeks ago, tube feeding was started on her as she was
 malnourished and had lost lots of weight over the months.  She is experiencing severe symptoms towards the tube feed.  We were told the symptoms should get better over time as she adjusts to the feed, but after a week, she was still feeling awful.  She experiences burning in her throat, pain in her chest, stomach, fullness and sick feeling in her stomach, nausea but not able to throw up, she also burped lots with acid reflux coming up.  She felt really distressful with the tube.  When offered the food, she is not interested at all.  She said she feels really full.  She has started on the solids 5 days ago with the eating disorder program, she can only eat minimal amounts, she threw up almost on all meals. She was offered anti nausea meds after, have not thrown up but felt lots of discomfort.  I can see that she hunches down with lots of discomfort.  I wanted to help my daughter but don't know how.  Should I get a second opinion on her abdominal fullness?  She said the full feeling is not the same as a full feeling when you eat lots of food.  When she has a bowel movement, she does feel a little better. I am really lost at this point and desperately wanted to help my daughter.

Any advise you can offer is much appreciated.


Thank you so much @tykehome for sharing your experiences, appreciate it. I will definitely keep that in mind, I hope she gets through the difficulties. All the best to you and take care!

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@needhelpparent – I totally agree with @tykehome Mayo will take care of your daughter. I have also been evaluated for gastroparesis and other motility disorders. I was a patient at Jacksonville and was referred to Rochester for a second opinion.
I don’t need to see GI at Mayo now after I was diagnosed and treated, but at the time I could call and leave a message and my doctor would call back the same day.


@needhelpparent – I’m just checking in on you and your daughter. How are things going?


Thank you @astaingegerdm! We are still at the hospital. They are trying to get daughter to eat since that's essential to live. She started eating, not a lot and still not quite herself. I will wait and see how her eating goes. She complains of tummy pain quite often. I will wait and see how her eating goes. Thank you so much for thinking about us. Take care!


@needhelpparent – I’m glad your daughter is in the hospital getting nutrition. Please give us updates if you don’t mind!


That pill test is not the same as the Mayo eating and tracking test…I had that pill test too and they said that I was fine… Not so.. after 2 months the
home Iowa clinic GI doc even tried to prescribe a non FDA approved drug but I went to Mayo then…the last straw. ..

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Who is your GI doctor at Mayo? I'd like to go as I've having several issues, and I need someone competent to help me.

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