Fear of side effects. How much for how long?

Posted by bactravels @bactravels, Dec 13, 2022

How long can otc pain relievers be used for spinal stenosis before side effects become a problem? Ibuprofen or Aleve, combined with acetaminophen, help me often, but I’m constantly afraid of taking too much so suffer through if it’s not too bad. I’m so tired of hurting every day. I’m also grateful it’s not worse.

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Hello @bactravels, Welcome to Connect. That's a great question. I think I might check with my doctor or pharmacist if it were me just to be sure there weren't any interactions with my other medications. I did see a paper on the topic.

— New Research May Explain Unexpected Effects of Common Painkillers Including Ibuprofen and Aspirin:
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NSAIDS when taken for too long can have various negative effects. As as example I used Salsalate a very old anti inflammatory for well over 10 years. Then one day my brother told me he was using something for his knees that was a different Cox-2 drug which was also an NSAID. This added drug caused by anti hypertension medicine Lisinopril to stop working and now no matter which NDAID I take it cancels or my Lisinopril. My PCP has tried numerous other meds and none has been effective when using NSAIDS. So I do not take any NSAIDS and only take Turmeric 2400mg 3x day for my spinal stenosis, chronic pain syndrome and peripheral neuropathy. They work well but only take them with your treating physicians awareness.

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