Favorite makeup, face wrinkle solvers: What works, what doesn’t?

Posted by Funcountess @funcountess, Jun 6, 2020

So many high priced make ups out in retail, does the drug store make up work as well as the high priced brands?

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Hello and hope all are well. I have one hi end skin lotion Estee Swiss Extract I have used for 34 years & feel it has been as active as any other promise on my skin. Recently diagnosed with Copd I am glad to say I can still rely on my Estee Swiss Extract as so much in my life has become limited dur to Copd . I feel if it makes a person smile with confidence it is so very worth the splurge . Regards and Blessings


What works for your skin is the important thing. I got tired of the expensive makeups also. Target has good brands moderly priced, so started using Julep brand. My skin is normal/dry.as we age our skin gets dryer, so moisturizers are important.
OLAY is another good product, and moderate in price.
I have a liquid foundation and a powder blush both from Chanel. Let me tell you, both are very drying on the skin.they were a holiday gift, would I buy them on my own?NO WAY. The only good thing I can say about them is the good looking box they came in.
Take care

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Hello! I know I am late to the party, but I can relate to so many of the same things! My gosh!

My daughter got me the same liquid foundation for my bday from Chanel and I agree. Too dry! I am a gal in my early 60's now so you're right that things just seem to dry out with time. After I finally was able to empty the Chanel gift, I started trying the Flower Beauty Serum Foundation and it's been really good so far. Highly recommend it. I think I got it at Target or Ulta for like $15.

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