Falling apart piece by piece: Knee replacements and Shoulder issues

Posted by ssbionicknee @ssbionicknee, Sep 7, 2018

I get lost in some of the discussions when they get long or branch off into other topics, so I felt the need to start a new discussion. I’m the right TKR in May 2018. I have to start by saying it is a good thing I have a sense of humor, because everything seems to be going at once. I am at the orthopedic office at least every other week. I believe that after so many visits, you should get one free. Anyway, I had a fall which I mentioned and I landed on my “new” knee and my shoulder. The knee was ok and I started thinking I may have made it through the TKR. Then the “new” knee and my shoulder began to hurt. I went for my follow up with the surgeon at the end of August. My progress had started to go down hill. I was walking with a limp and my knee was beginning to hurt when I was driving. My shoulder was also hurting. The plan had been to get the injections in my left knee. However, during that visit I learned that the left knee was borderline for needing replaced and the injections probably would not work. I also mentioned the fact that I have fallen many times in the past few years. Three of them, I landed on my shoulder and took a hard blow. I was thinking there was something seriously wrong that was causing me to fall. Turns out I have really bad knees. After surgery, my left knee was the stabilizing knee, while the right knee was recovering. As the right knee recovered, the left knee has now become the bad knee, So my right knee (which was just replaced) has now become the stabilizing knee. I know that I need to get the left knee replaced as well. On top of all this I have injured my right shoulder. I had an MRI the other day. The secretary called and said the doctor wanted me to come in to review my results. I was expecting to see the PA for a cortisone shot. I need my right shoulder to hold my cane and help to stabilize my left leg. I need to wait and see what the doctor says, but I am pretty sure they found something on the MRI. Here are a few questions that have been running around in my mind. Have any of you had to have multiple surgeries in a year? How do you heal when you have more than one issue going on at once? Physical therapy is an issue, because my insurance only covers one body part at a time. I am also wondering if I can go to a rehab facility after the left knee surgery because I really don’t have as much support as I need here at home.

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