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lisa v

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failed ankle fusion

Posted by @lisav, Nov 27, 2011

anyone else out there have a failed ankle fusion? I’m looking for information on treatment options, etc.

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Posted by @sharon518, Dec 15, 2011

I had a auto accident and my elbow shattered into pieces. The DR said it crumbled more when he placed a plate with screws. I have lost a great deal of function, Limited use and some pain. The bones in the ankle are likened to a puzzle. It sometimes does not go back into place. Eventually it will form a callus of calcium around the bone and it fuses on its own. You need to exercise that foot so it does not freeze. Hope that helps


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Posted by @sbcorsa, May 12, 2012

Get an ankle replacement………….Had mine 2 years ago…10 weeks on crutches then some PT………absolutely pain free!

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