Facial Pain as symptom of Covid?

Posted by gerdi @gerdi, Mar 3 3:25am

Has anyone experienced sharp/tingling facial pain with Covid? It was my initial symptom on one side of the face/cheek and is persisting into week 10. (Sinusists and tooth aches ruled out).

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Hi @gerdi. Believe as you review posts, will see many with facial and head pain/symptoms that are not “explained” by typical causes. My ENT specialist/surgeon explained they are still evaluating many covid created symptoms that don't fit the norm. Therefore, after verifying no other obvious known cause, they advise best to treat the symptom if possible without invasive tests/surgery. Hopefully they can suggest simple things like cold freezer cloth for couple of minutes while your symptoms will begin to subside with the critical pacing/rest/and patient time needed, that others here are experiencing! Best healing journey to you🌈



ENTs know that sinus inflammation can cause irritation of the Trigeminal nerves which I turn cause facial pain/pressure sensation.

I don’t understand why ENTs seem so perplexed when people complain of facial pain in the absence of a sinus infection. Sinus inflammation can linger far after the virus is gone and can take some time for the tissue/nerves to relax.

ENTs aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed. Truly . They are surgeons. They are not inflammatory specialists and this is being heavily exposed during Covid. They can help people with structural blockages. Other than that they are pretty dull minded thinkers.


Hi @ nrd1. Think the intent of my comment to @gerdi misunderstood as simply sharing she is not alone and Ent reference not related to their medical capacity but rather their acknowledgement of covid creating so many conplex and varying symptoms from person to person whether inflammatory, vascular, neurologic, immune responsive….that simpler methods are being recommended first, to hopefully prevent inadvertent reactions in other areas that so many of us are experiencing☹️ Best wishes to you for your healing journey 🌈


I have had facial pain. In addition, I have had extreme swelling. My teeth started falling out. Do you just have facial pain or do you also have dry eyes and dry mouth? I ask as I have POTS from Long COVID and now have all the symptoms of Sjogren's Syndrome. Apparently they are finding that people in who have POTS are also ending up with Sjogren's Syndrome. This information is from my Long COVID clinic at Johns Hopkins. To test for Sjogren's Syndrome there is a blood test and a biopsy. I always have to err on the extreme and have biopsies as that is where I seem to get more accurate test results. Good luck. I have pain all over from neuropathy. I have had a biopsy and 2 oral surgeries. It has been miserable as surgery triggers my neuropathy and insane, extreme pain. I have found that CBD is helping with some of neuropathic issues and pain. Good luck!

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