Exophytic cyst on kidney

Posted by vlh @vlh, Mar 27 4:23pm

My husband has lower back pain in the area of his kidney. Yesterday he had a small amount of blood in his urine. A CT scan showed a 20 mm exophytic cyst in the lower pole of his left kidney. His doctor doesn’t think this cyst could be causing his pain or the blood because the cyst is on the outside of his kidney. Has anyone else had something like this happen?

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@vlh Depending upon his age, did the doc rule out a degenerative disc that may be causing his pain? The urine blood issue may be best treated by a urologist, in my opinion. I mentioned this in a similar post a few days ago but I had a small cancerous mass on my right kidney, and my urologist sent me to an interventional radiologist where he froze the mass in a procedure called cryoablation as an outpatient. It later disapated. If your are currently seeing a nephrologist for all of this, you may wish to double check with a urologist. I am perplexed about the back pain as the CT scan typically reveals degenerative issues.


Hello @vlh I hope you hear from more patients with similar symptoms. I will relate my husband's issue because we would not have found his cancer without a second opinion. He had cancer growing in a diverticulum off the side of his bladder and the local urologist did not look into the opening to see the tumor during cystoscopy. The local radiologist did not even mention the diverticulum in her report. The same CT scans were sent to Mayo Clinic and their radiologist immediately said there is a tumor in that diverticulum. So local doctors gave him a clean bill of urinary health when his only symptom was a little blood in the urine intermittently, but he had an aggressive invasive cancer in his bladder. Don't ignore blood in the urine, especially when associated with kidney pain. I recommend a second opinion and perhaps more testing to get the diagnosis. A large teaching hospital/referral center is a good choice.


Thanks for your replies. He does have an appointment scheduled with a urologist.

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