Exhausted from digestive conditions

Posted by bentley33 @bentley33, Apr 3, 2019

Where to start…? I’ve had many health problems my entire life. From kidneys, ovaries , gall bladder, appendix , IBS, Crohn’s, Gastroparesis, blockages, obstructions and TONS of scar tissue. Which I believe is really complicating things. I have become extremely bloated, constipation ,my stomach is bruised, and no one has anything definitive to help. My stomach has been bloated for months and in an unbelievable amount of pain (which I always have) I’m sure I’ve missed a few diagnosis, but at some point enough is enough! I’ve done all they have said to do and nothing. Now I have a month of more tests. But I’m wondering if anything will change or maybe I need to try PT or acupuncture. Any suggestions are welcome. My stomach is a mess and no doctors can help

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I am a 17 year old female. I have been dealing with major lack of appetite. I have also been feeling nauseous but I never had thrown up from it. I feel sick when I don't eat and when I do eat, I end up feeling more sick. I have chronic fatigue syndrome and orthostatic intolerance. Any ideas of what this could be. I've been getting told by many to see a GI doctor. What types of test does the GI do to determine what an going on? Anything would be helpful! Thank you

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@karina77 The test they do will vary depending on what the doctor thinks may be causing your problems. It can involve manometry test, various types of swallowing test, ct scan, endoscopy (which they may take biopsies during) or other tests. So many types of digestive problems have the same symptoms and it can take many different test to figure it out.


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