excruciating face pain

Posted by facepainsufrer @facepainsufrer, Dec 17, 2011

trying to learn about conditions associated with excruciating face pain, and TN, does anyone have experience with this?

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I had TN off and on for years. Neurontin did not help. After having a tooth removed (with a deep root imbedded in my gum) I never got another attack. RB


Yeah, sounds like you might need a root canal or something.


Thank you both for your reply. The pain came on for about one week, settled down with antibiotics, and now only have twinges. The dentist and I are trying to do some detective work, and I may end up with a root canal.


I was diagnosed with TN in july of 2010. medical treatments worked for a while but i had to have a microvascular decompression (brain surgery) in oct of 2010. I did well until about 6 weeks ago, when the pain returned with a vengance! I was offered cyber-knife radiation therapy but i was told that the risk of damage to other cranial nerves was high. does anyone have any input/experience with this ?

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