Excessive Mentruation from Menorrhagia

Posted by MzFitz @mzfitz, Dec 14, 2011

My 13 year old daughter began menstrating at 11 and one year later she nearly died from menstrual hemorrage diagnosed as “Menorrhagia”. Now almost a year later she has been on Depoprovera injections because her menorrhagia is considered rare in its severity and could be fatal. She suffers constant pain from her uterus trying to menstrate and it is causing daily cramping. My secondary fear is she will eventually have to have a partial hysterectomy before she is 16. Has anyone had this experience with a young child? I am concerned my daughter is not receiving adequate care and my daughters HMO is also her insurance company. I worry I am not getting the care she needs. She had 4 blood transfussions when this occured and had a hemoglobin of 4 when she fell ill. This can never happen again as a 4 could have been her end. The other issue is her hormones are all over the place and she seems to suffer from PMS daily. This started when she began puberty and has only gotten worse. The doctors assured me once we got her hormones under control, she would feel better emotionally. If you have any suggestions or experiences, please respond.

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Does your daughters periods last longer than 5-7 days? Or does she just have horrible periods of regular duration? If they stop at least something is working correctly! Is she a hemophilliac? Have they said she has endometriosis? My daughter has bad periods the first 2-3 days, she actually has difficulty walking, legs feel numb. This fades after the first couple days, at times she has to take medication. She was diagnosed with factor 8 . A type of hemophilia. My cousin when she first started her periods used to spike a temperature of 107. Ended up in the hospital several times. Ob/gyn wanted to give her a hysterectomy..family refused..she ended up growing out of it. Does your daughter have to take iron pills? Did she have any tests done? I understand them trying to stop the periods with depo but my thoughts are that you need to find out why she bleeds so heavily, and why are her hormone’s out of whack? If its been a year certainly the hormones should be back to normal? More tests should be run before even thinking about a partial hysterectomy. That would really change her hormones not necessarily for the better.


If she was my daughter I’d definitely make an appointment at Mayo clinic for a thorough testing and evaluation by more than one physician.

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