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Posted by stuckonu @stuckonu, Nov 6, 2019

TWolf directed me to the Hyperparathyroidism link it seemed that if nothing else all of my doctors have been diagnosing me one symptom at a time instead of looking at all complaints and symptoms. Meanwhile most of the symptoms persist and now the doctors are stuck on wanting to simply get my D level normal.
I don’t know anymore if my digestive problems are related to small bowel obstruction or the “ digestive issues “ mentioned in the article. But each time one or another symptom dominates it seems worse than previous times.
I called Mayo about the article and since I have not been a patient with them they said I needed an Endocrinologist to evaluate and Dx I can’t seem to find one who can see me before January so I’m perplexed as to how to move forward. Just asking to talk to my pain specialist to ask if she knows about the low D and all of the symptoms results in a team member calling insisting that I need to make an appointment to see her. I just want to ask a question. If she says yes she knew then I still think that I need to explain how my last visit needed to be canceled because of possible related symptom mentioned in the article. But they play hardball and I reported the incident to customer relations who passes the ball back to them to do a self investigation. Hasn’t this trick been in the news recently with certain gov agencies or departments?

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In the previous discussion about this illness I was asked which symptom is the worst. I think I’m being honest when I say “ whichever one rears it’s ugly head “. One caveat is the one that sounds like post menopausal which is being hot then cold then hot and not knowing how to dress or set the thermostat. I recall going through this with an xGF after a while I kept a winter coat, hat, and gloves in our Florida house since I couldn’t adjust to a thermostat set at 59 degrees.
Sadly, one of my PCPs laughs when I tell him how I go from naked to wearing a heavy robe and heavy wool socks just to keep my teeth from chattering⛄️🔥🧦🧩
You know how some women wish that men should go through menopause so they can know what it feels like? Now I know and thought about that Joni Mitchell song: I’ve looked at clouds from both side now. Neither side is fun and none are funny.


Replying to myself helps. That’s why I keep a journal. But there maybe a downside because as I learned from playing chess with myself: I’m the best completion I ever had. I did think for a while that I was cultivating a split personality and perhaps that horse is already out of the barn. I know that I’m not easy to understand often except to myself.
Maybe some doctors think that that is funny too. I’m not thrilled with all of the laughter; it’s like a perfect example of laughing AT not WITH someone.


I have a conceive doctor suppose to be available 24/7 first two years it was a dream, the way medicine should be and could be but now something changed maybe he sees my number and avoids the call, he must be best friends with Murphy because he will only call back when I’m on the phone with anyone or call back just as I fix a plate of food after not eating in three days, he along with the other docs laugh at my symptoms, the VA docs may be worse excep they are not available ever and they never call back, my vision problem just turned yet another corner now I’m seeing things. Got to be careful saying that but it’s happened before maybe I can draw or paint what I’m seeing,
I’m recording all calls because it may be illegal but if someone else hears the call I thinks it’s not so illegal.
But seriously at another time in my life I’d go to the ER but there isn’t much on this planet that I hate more than the ER and truth be known many hate you too, this isn’t Chicago Med ( great show in my humble opinion but not real because the actors display feelings most ERs that I’ve been to don’t do that nor do they have compassion. When I was in FL a recent veteran double or triple amputee had a gun in his wheel chair and after being there 6 or 7 hours he got one of those ultimate insults, someone who has passed you a few dozen times ask when you came in then immediately goes into attitude if they don’t like you response some hero doctor decided to wrestle the gun away and it went off I think it shows that there’s a problem.
I won’t go to the ER unless I’m having a heart attack or was stabbed or shot otherwise I rather suffer my own mistreatment than theirs.
Gotta check messages to see if someone responded to my reaching out since there’s no feedback here.
Maybe now that I’m seeing things the wall will have an answer
I think the ship has hit an iceberg

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