ET: what makes platelets vary from blood draw to blood draw?

Posted by preacherswife1977 @preacherswife1977, Nov 2, 2023

Essential Thrombocytothemia

I had my last blood work on 9/25 and it was in the normal range. High end of normal but still in the normal range. Today I go back and they were back up. The only thing that had changed was that I had stopped taking CBD gummies on 9/25 when Hematologist told me it would not lower my platelets. My question is what makes them go up and down from blood draw to blood draw?

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Same here preachers wife 1977. Dr said they are different daily. Mine have ran at average of 75. On sept 13 platelets said 55. This was with my pcp. Sent to my hematologist. Saw him 10/24 they were back up. He made no comment. .



I've asked that question many times. My hemo/onco has said many times it can vary from morning to afternoon to evening. I do know that I had my second shingles shot a week before my blood draw, and platelets dropped precipitously......we didn't realize that the shot could do this. But a friend found a research paper with small cohort, that did discuss this side effect.
Gradually over the next three months returned to my normal level

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