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Esophageal Stricture

Posted by @christinahd2006 in Healthy Living, Sep 3, 2011

Have had this conditionsince the birth of my oldest daughter (25 years) and have dealt with it to avoid surgery. Problems with eating on and off, however, I have not been able to eat this last flare up for approx 5 days. Just looking for folks out there that may suffer from the same type of thing.

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Posted by @bettylou, Oct 5, 2011

hi, I have been told I have this and I am not sure what they are going to do. I had two neck fusion with hardware ,from c3-c7 and they went through the front so the esophagus ,muscles ,tissues,and all that was moved twice.My esophagus lining has changed and is all red I can't eat meat ,bread and a lot of other stuff so I AM pretty much on lquid diet.

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