esophageal spasms

Posted by debsut @debsut, Jan 21, 2012

what are your experiences with esophageal spasm?
I do have one remedy that I found online and it the FIRST sign or asap, drink a full glass of luke warm water.
if you have them, you know how painful and dibilitating they are. Mine are a result of Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. There are several autoimmune diseases in my family

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esophageal spasms are a real pain. I go no where without a bottle of water. I do better with drinking cold water than drinking luke warm water, and like you, I drink the water at the first sign of trouble. I also recently had an endoscope done, and that seems to have put the spasm problem to rest, at least for now.


my spasm doesn't want to stop ate banana bread to fast. Hot water didn't work I get really panicky which makes it worse . They used to only occur 3/4 times a year now it's more like 3/4 times a month. I need to go have an endoscopy haven't had one in a while. I just hate how scared I get!!! Especially when it radiates into my ears.....


What does an esophageal spasm feel like?


This is my first time to this site. I have asked what does an esophageal spasm feel like? How do I get a reply from someone ?This is not a reply but rather a question. What am I doing wrong ??


Hi - I have severe esophageal spasm from a disease called Eosinophillic Esophagitis. This is presumed to be caused by some type of allergy, although all of my allergy tests came back negative. EoE is a fairly newly discovered illness and was previously presumed to be a childhood issue. But more and more adults are beginning to be diagnosed via endoscopy. I have to have endoscopic dilations every 2-4 months to assist me in the dysphagia. In answer to the question about what esophageal spasms feel like, the best description I have heard from others and that I can relate to is that of a heart attack. Now, being that I am only 46 years old and reasonably healthy, I don't know what a heart attack feels like. But, I work in the healthcare industry and have been admitted with chest pain more than once. All of the physicians I have spoken to say that I (and others with EoE) describe my pain exactly how a heart attack sufferer would. It's no fun and I'm sorry for anyone else who suffers from this. Take care everyone.

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