Esophageal spasm

Posted by jadillow @jadillow, Aug 26, 2019

Has anyone had this and what does it feel like exactly? Ibelieve I have these and almost feels like palpitations. I feel this when I have reflux or a lot of burping for a long period. Help please

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I have spasms just beyond the back of my throat and just above my stomach. They can make it difficult and painful to swallow. Sometimes food will not go into my stomach nor liquids. Sometimes it is just a fluttering feeling. Mine are becoming more frequent and more painful.

A link at the Mayo site incase you have not read it.


I've had esophogeal spasms on and off for many years and they've always quite painful lasting 2-20min and always in the center of my chest just like a heart attack. It seems to occur with GERDS. In Jan 2019 after my 2nd hiatal repair, reversal of a 24yr old Nissan wrap and LYNX band placement I began having almost daily spasms. I learned from personal research from one post-op LYNX recovery article that drinking fluids will stop the spams almost immediately. It works! I wish I had known this years ago.


I thought you might be interested in viewing this video/post on Connect’s GI page where Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist, Dr. Magnus Halland talks about a novel therapy:
– Esophageal Self Dilation Therapy: An Effective Alternative

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