Esophageal Self Dilation

Posted by rlp63 @rlp63, Jul 23, 2021

I have seen a video about self dilating the esophagus done by the Mayo Clinic and was trying to get information of the subject. I have been dilated 10 times in the past 14 months and looking for a way to do it more often for less cost. Is the Mayo Clinic still teaching this?

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Hello @rlp63, Welcome to Connect. I was not familiar with this procedure but did find the video you mentioned. It is also included in the following blog which you may want to read and meet other members discussing this therapy.

Esophageal Self Dilation Therapy: An Effective Alternative:

Here is some additional information you might find helpful:
— Self-dilation for therapy-resistant benign esophageal strictures: towards a systematic approach:

Have you had a chance to discuss the therapy with your doctor?


Yes I have talked to all my doctors about it. My ENT is supportive but said he probably would not go as far as to teach me. My GI doctor told me he had a patient in the past who did the self dilation. He said he is willing to train and oversee me if I want to learn to self dilate. Currently trying to figure out how to get the Bougie. I have also spoken with my Insurance company and they are looking into how to get it and whether it can be filed through insurance. I have actually found them on Ebay. Thanks for the info.

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