Epidural lipomatosis

Posted by rknutson03 @rknutson03, Nov 8 3:15pm

Hi I have been diagnosed with Epidural lipomatosis a while ago. I get very depressed some days from the pain. I can't walk or stand much at all! Ya I can't do the things that I love to do. And I'm 59 years old. They say I got it from steroids or being overweight. I wasn't over weight when I got diagnosed but in my 30s I was using a steroids for allergies that I sprayed in my nose . Does anyone have any information for my pain.

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@rknutson03 I wanted to welcome you to Connect. I am a spine surgery patient. I have not had too much use of steroids for asthma, but it is something to be concerned about, and can also be a cause for osteoporosis too. When you can't stand, that makes it hard to get exercise to keep the core strong to help protect the spine. Have you thought about seeing a pain specialist? Would physical therapy help this? My PT does a special method called myofascial release, and what it can do is to loosen the overly tight fascia and tissue in the body with a gentle massage like pressure. That may be able to take pressure off a trouble spot. I have had a lot of relief from this myself. Here is our MFR discussion for more information:

Neuropathy – "Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) for treating compression and pain"
What did your doctor recommend?

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