Epidermal Nerve Fiber Density Test

Posted by danye1 @danye1, Sep 19, 2022

I have had a skin punch biopsy twice, 13 years apart. The second test showed a roughly 33% loss of small nerve fibers at calf and thigh. My neuro reacted by saying my results are consistent with the new medical understanding that SFN is always non-length dependent. Good learning. But my question to this group is this: Has anyone’s subsequent punch biopsy shown an increase in ENFD? My neuro said the small nerve fibers are capable of regeneration and because I am pre-diabetic to concentrate on weight loss, diet and exercise to help recovery. I have had SFN since 2006 but it presented as Benign Fasciculation & Cramp Syndrome.

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Hello @danye1. You bring up an interesting question with regard. Has your neurologist given you reason to believe there is hope for regeneration given your pre-diabetic status?


Your comment about non-length dependent caught my eye. I have length-dependent SFN polyneuropthy, meaning that the ankle biopsies showed deficiencies, not the upper ones. My SFN has progressed in a “stocking and glove” pattern.

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