Eosinophilic Fasciitis?

Posted by stephg @stephg, Jul 8, 2020

I’ve had fatigue, muscle stiffness and weakness, headaches and GI symptoms (among other things) for 5-6 years. Tore my rotator cuff a decade ago by lowering myself onto the floor and tore my plantar fascia a couple years ago by simply walking.

Several months ago they detected an adrenal nodule and have said they believe it is non functioning, but I’m having glucose swings and my thyroid is now enlarged. I very recently discovered unusual markings on my neck, along with marks on my arms and thighs that have been there for years, but docs said they didn’t know what it was because blood tests didn’t detect anything anomalous.

I’ve recently contacted Mayo for an appointment and my doc has sent a referral for me. But I’m just wondering if anyone else with EF has had an adrenal nodule and experienced these things? I do a lot of research and feel like maybe I’m on the right track, but who knows….

Thank you!

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Was this L-tryptophan part of the bad Japanese stuff of a few years ago? I might be wrong, but I think Mayo Clinic may have linked L-tryptophan to the possibility of developing a type of cancer. I remember reading their comments and tossing mine. Check out L-tryptophan on the Mayo Website.

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It was. There were multiple medical consequences as a result of the L tryptophan changes. There have been surveys conducted by NEMSN with physicians and Ph.Ds

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