Endoscopy & irregular z line

Posted by ah22 @ah22, Apr 27 9:45pm

Hello I had got an endoscopy and this was part of the report

Forward-viewing reveals that the hiatus measures at 38 cm. The GE junction and Z line were closely related at 37 cm. The Z line is irregular.

What does this mean? Is an irregular Z line concerning ? I have been diagnosed with EOE for several years now. Is this apart of it? It also stated they took biopsies.

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Welcome @ah22, I know it can be a little difficult trying to understand medical reports and sometimes a little scary or concerning. We are patients like yourself and can't interpret medical reports of other members. This is best discussed with your doctor or care team since they know your medical history and background. I did find some information that discusses an irregular Z line that may be helpful to discuss with your doctor.

"A proximal displacement of columnar mucosa above the esophagogastric junction for less than 1 cm is defined as an irregular Z line. This finding is not uncommon, with a prevalence varying between 5% and 20%, in patients undergoing upper GI endoscopy [13]."
--- Management of Barrett’s Esophagus: Practice-Oriented Answers to Clinical Questions: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC10093467/

Can you talk with your doctor about the medical report and possible treatments?


Thanks for the NIH study. After successful treatment for esophageal cancer tumor, I've now had 2 endoscopy and ablations to remove BE. My doc says I may still need 1 or 2 more based on last to scans.

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