Endometrial S1A micrometastases sentinel lymph node

Posted by carmenc1955 @carmenc1955, Jan 9 12:27pm

Spotted for 9 mo, Dr thought spotting related to Graves disease and methimazole because endometrium was a normal 4mm thick. Complete hysterectomy cancer 1A, but micrometastases in left sentinel node, out of 9 lymph nodes removed. Micrometastases changes stage to 3. Beginning Chemo soon, has anyone experienced same diagnosis? I'm scared...

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I’m glad to have been of some inspiration to you. I’m a believer that we all have an “expiration date “ and something like cancer does not have to end our lives if it’s not our time. I didn’t mention in my original post that I was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2021. I’m doing fine. I also had breast cancer over 20 years ago. My medical history in addition to cancer amazes doctors. So now I’m almost 80 and still living an active lifestyle. I’m a photographer and work at what I love daily. Life is good despite the setbacks. My neighbor lost her 7 year old suddenly. Life is so unpredictable. My peace comes from a strong faith knowing someone who is my creator is in charge of my destiny. I wish you many blessings and happiness and peace in your future.

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