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encopesis and anxiety in a 9 year old

Posted by @mommamia in Digestive Health, Dec 19, 2011

My nine year old is struggling with encopesis, or lack of control of bowel movements. He also has some anxiety. I've tried laxatives, but they seem to make the problem worse. He is a VERY picky eater and I don't know how to add fiber to his diet. He tries to hide the problem and I know he is embarrassed about it. I hate to see him get teased because he stinks when he is playing with friends/cousins. I've tried to get him to have a regular bathroom schedule, but he is very stubborn about it. Any suggestions? Who has had success with this problem?


Posted by @glutenfreecuredmycrohns, Jan 6, 2012

He may be gluten sensitive, so get him off the pizza, hamburgers, pasta, and flour coated chicken gluten is worth a try.


Posted by @mommamia, Jan 6, 2012

That's all he will eat, minus the hamburgers. He is a very stubborn boy when it comes to food.


Posted by @aaa2012, May 8, 2012

I know this is an old post and I don't know if your son is better now but if not, dairy products make encopresis worse so eliminating dairy products would be the first step. Also, administering mineral oil, retraining bowels, high fiber diet, and increased fluid intake should help. Saline enema's also help but considering his age it may not be a good idea. Hope this helps

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