Emg???? Undiagnosed

Posted by 10987654321 @10987654321, Apr 1, 2021

I have had a multitude of debilitating symptoms. I can now barely walk and my limbs are going weak and I’m developing gaits and losing feeling (on inside)

One emg said sensory polyneuropathy with demylenation

Another network emg said ok

Confused..... now no one is treating me and they keep telling me to go to the gym bc it’s conversion disorder (mind you I can barely walk at 27 years old)

( other symptoms: internal vibrations/cognitive personality loss/chronic fatigue/lightheaded/dry corneas/eye muscles weird/ringing ears and hearing loss/plus more)

Please help! Andy advice welcome and prayers!!!!

(Pa at the same time my fiancé got weird autoimmune diseases)

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Hello and sorry to hear about all your problems.
Without more info, it's very hard to form an opinion.
My advice would be to get a very good internist (if you haven't already) and let him/her start to sort out your problems in an orderly fashion, ruling out one diagnosis after another with objective tests and referrals to specialists when the internist feels like it's appropriate.
However, I will make one point. A diagnosis of conversion reaction is one of exclusion, which means all other non-psychiatric diagnoses should be ruled out first. A relatively easy early approach would be to measure things that can be measured, such as muscle strength, reflexes, hearing loss, etc. Also, dry eyes are not generally part of a conversion reaction, but are part of Sjogren's Syndrome, which is an autoimmune disease. However, other things can cause dry eyes.
If the 2 EMG's have different results, as you report, then you need a third.
Don't jump to conclusions. Try to be patient, it may take some time and various specialists you may be referred to. Don't try to diagnose yourself.
Good luck!


Call your health insurance customer service number. Ask for some immediete help in getting a good regular physician, a competent neurologist and ask if you should go to the hospital until they get you set up with someone to help.


@10987654321 you are having a lot of symptoms, especially for your young age. How long ago did all of this start? You mention that your fiancé has also had a sudden onset of symptoms related to autoimmune diseases. Have you considered something in your living environment that may be affecting both of you?


Have you been exposed to deer ticks, had a tick bite? I have been treated for post treatment Lyme disease and I think I still have it. I have polyneuropathy and I think demyelination. My symptoms are pain in extremities especially in my feet and less so in my hands. I take gabapentin and tramadol for pain. I recommend that you find a good MD who treats Lyme. Depending on where you live there are some good places like Johns Hopkins has a research group and clinic to treat Lyme disease and there are other places in New England where Lyme has been epidemic for years. Doctors who are not Lyme-literate don't treat lyme and deny it is a problem. Find a doctor who understands it, have them run tests, and consider their recommendations for treatment. I wish you the best.

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