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Posted by @gaylejean, Tue, Sep 18 6:33pm

I would like to hear from anyone who has embolization of their liver for the purpose of stopping/slowing growth of a metastatic tumor there.


Hi @gaylejean

Since you posted about embolization in September and there were no responses, I was wondering how you were doing.

Has it been suggested to you to have an embolization of the liver?

I had an embolization on 9/26 and am due to schedule another one. The procedure went well. With my "touchy" stomach (doesn't like antibiotics or pain medicine so was nauseous and stayed two nights in the hospital. I feel pretty good now – some days I am really tired with no energy.

I appreciate your posting about this experience with embolization, @gaylejean. I am glad to hear that it went well.

If you care to share more, is this done through an incision or laparoscopic type of procedure?

A thin catheter through the groin under light sedation. Has anyone else had this done and what was their experience?

Other Members on Connect have not responded regarding this procedure. Perhaps they have used other treatment options.

Is this embolization being done at Mayo?

Yes it was

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