Can elevated B12 be a false positive and you really have a deficiency?

Posted by bettersleep68 @bettersleep68, Jun 1 12:01pm

Can your elevated b 12 be a false positive and you really have a deficiency of b12. I think I saw an article about this but cannot find it now.. need help to find it

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It is, but I understand it to be pretty rare:

“ Elevated serum B12 levels may also be associated with a functional deficiency of the vitamin. Functional deficiency has been described despite high B12 concentrations and is due to a failure of cellular uptake or intracellular processing, trafficking or utilization.”,intracellular%20processing%2C%20trafficking%20or%20utilization.

Do you believe you have symptoms of B12 deficiency? My B12 was elevated and it was because I was taking Liquid IV, the electrolyte supplement. Usually there’s something you’re consuming pushing the level up.


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Is your doctor concerned about vitamin B levels? What symptoms or concerns led to your question?

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