Electric shock on top of my right foot middle of the night!

Posted by evw100 @ew100, Oct 27, 2019

I was kept awake all night last night! Every few minutes my right leg will jerk so bad because of the electric shock I felt on top of my right foot. This happened at least once or twice a year before! I had previously mentioned to my primary doctor but she didn't refer me to any specialist or offer any advice! Even if doesn't happened often, when it does happen it is really bad! Has any one experienced this exact problem or have some idea what the cause is? Thank you for your caring!

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Oh my dear,last night I bit my pillow it was so jolting with that electric shock I was afraid to take a deep breath! It was the side of my feet then the ankle.Can’t call them cramps can you!
Hang in there this too shall pass,what is next is a mystery.
You have strength to be proud of


Hello @ew100, I haven't experienced what you have but definitely would not like it even if it only happens infrequently like you mentioned. One of the symptoms associated with Arachnoiditis is severe shooting pain that can be similar to an electric shock sensation.

WebMD – Pain Management: Arachnoiditis

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