Effect of Prednisone on Pancreas following Distal Pancreatectomy

Posted by wordwise1 @wordwise1, Mar 26, 2021

Hello – I had a distal pancreatectomy in 2011 (2/3 removed) along with a splenectomy. Due to nerve inflammation and osteoarthritis in my neck, my doctor is recommending a ten day prednisone pack (40-60 mg daily). Has anyone had any experience taking prednisone following a pancreatectomy and splenectomy? Is 40-60mg daily a safe dose for the pancreas?

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@wordwise1 Wow! That seems really high even at 40mg! But I guess in your case it is a necessary evil. At least it’s for a short term … I always talk to my pharmacist for reassurance when I feel concerned about my prescriptions.

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