EBV - How do you stay healthy?

Posted by donald23 @donald23, Jan 18, 2019

I was diagnosed with chronic EBV, it’s igG was seen in my blood. I don’t have any symptoms. But am a little bit worried.

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Any tips on how to stay healthy?


@donald23 Hi. IgG indicates past infection. At least 95% of the population will have a positive IgG to EBV. If that's all there is and no symptoms, I don't think there is anything to be concerned about. But of course I'm not your doctor and don't have all the details. So follow up with your doctor regarding any worries. If you want to learn more about EBV, you can check out my APRIL post at http://www.BackToLifeWellness.blogspot.com
I wish you all the best. 😊


Any tips on how to stay healthy?

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@donald23 I apologize. It is actually the March post.

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