eating challenge

Posted by notborntoburn @notborntoburn, Aug 1, 2019

Anyone have trouble eating? i have Sjogren's and as a result my mouth is so dry some foods scratch my gums and makes eating many foods impossible,it has affected my teeth my dentist could have a villa in Paris!

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Hi @notborntoburn, Sorry to hear about your troubles. I do not share the same diagnosis but I do have severe dry mouth. I have tried sucking on a small ginger hard candy. That along with sipping on cold water all day has helped me tremendously. At my local grocery store, I buy the Gin Gins hard ginger candy made by the ginger people. It comes in a yellow bag. Hope this helps.


@notborntoburn and @avmcbellar Dry mouth is a side effect of most of my medications. Considering how many I take every day, I am surprised that I can eat anything.

So…lots of ice water in a pink Contigo and hung around my neck everywhere I go….and all night at the bedside. A small spray bottle of Biotene in my crossbody for emergencies.

Dry mouth….is not easy. And the lack of saliva does make you at risk for dental problems. I didn't know about Gin Gins so will try them. Someone told me that cherry pits work the same way. Haven't tried that yet.

I do use a water jet at night and load of the tank with Biotene and water. There is a new product out that my dentist asked me to try. It was awful. It made my tongue feel like it was bigger than my mouth and sort of scaly.

On that not….have a lovely sleep. Thanks for being part of this adventure. Chris


Hi @artscaping, for me eating food is not the same. It has a different taste. I did not know cherries can also help. Funny, I have been eating a handful every day for the last 2 weeks. I do not take any medications, not even for dry mouth. I prefer natural remedies for dry mouth. The Gin Gins hard candies are small which are perfect. Every now and then I do suck on the white peppermint candies by Lifesavers for variety. Every couple days I also clean my mouth with a mouthwash to kill any germs. This may also be a contributing factor. So far my dry mouth has gotten much better.

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