Easily sprain, ligaments stretched, back issues, looking for direction

Posted by jyakel14 @jyakel14, Nov 29, 2021

My daughter has always had issues with spraining joints easily. Her wrists and ankles have always easily rolled. She has sprained both ankles and wrists repeatedly.
She has also had bad seasonal allergies her entire life, she had to have a special formula when she was an infant because she couldnt digest "normal" formula.
Now at 17, almost 18 years old, she has recently had shoulder surgery. When the surgery was planned, we believed she may have a small labrum tear to repair. Once in there, the surgeon found that she had 2 labrum tears, her ligaments were so stretched you could see the surgical instruments through her ligaments when the doctor lifted them to look at them. Basically, only her rotator cuff was normal in her shoulder. Her surgery was in April and she is still struggling to get back full use of her shoulder.
We are now dealing with her back, she was diagnosed with a very small herniated disc in her lower back at 12 years old and while it did cause her some pain, it did not keep her from living a normal life. Fast forward to now and she will be having a discogram next week on that same disc to try to figure out if it is the cause of the horrible pain she is now in. It keeps her from doing normal activities for a 17 year old. The spine specialist she is seeing believes that this disc is causing the pain as well as, she seems to have some SI joint issues happening as well.
I'm wondering if anyone could point me in a direction to try to figure out if all of these things are related. Could she have a connective tissue disorder?

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she also has headaches frequently and has an issue with clotting at times but hasnt gotten a true diagnosis for a blood disorder.


Hi @jyakel14 and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. My niece has Ehlers Danlos syndrome and has had the same problems.

I would definitely look at Mayo's description below and maybe ask her physician.
"This can be related to weak, loose ligaments and can lead to joint instability which increases the risk of strain, injury and therefore, pain. Signs & Symptoms"
Hypermobile Joints: https://www.nationwidechildrens.org/conditions/hypermobile-joints

This syndrome does effect the blood vessel walls too and you stated she has clotting problems?

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