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Always Hopeful

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Dry Point Needling given by a certified Physical Therapist

Posted by @AlwaysHopeful, Apr 27, 2018

I am very interested in connecting with anyone who has had dry point needling at Mayo. The affected muscle is a complex one – the SCM.


Hello @AlwaysHopeful. I had never heard of dry point needling. I looked it up and it's not the same as acupuncture which was my first thought. I found a small blurb of information on Mayo

How long have you been suffering from sternocleidomastoid muscle pain?

@AlwaysHopeful I had dry needling done on my shoulder and on my neck as part of physical therapy. This was not done at Mayo. I did a search and found two of our members, @mieke and @lauriedr have had experience with dry needling. I have tagged them and hope they will respond to your question.

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