Drunk feeling with left side weakness and faintness ll/dizziness

Posted by lehcar17890 @lehcar17890, Feb 21, 2023

I got these symptoms 42 days after vaccine pfitzer. No one has been able to tell me. Blood work is perfect. This all started one day i got blurry vision. And later that day began the nonstop drunken feeling. It can get worse when eating but only on occasion or when brain is tired. It can hit at any time even when staring at a computer. One time I was a bite I to eating and room spun. Any ideas ? MRI and cat clear .

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When I web searched what could have caused my sfn, I came across vaccines side effects, and that hepatitis vaccines can cause neuropathy.
Unfortunately my practitioner recommended me to get it for overseas travel, so maybe this caused it.
So, no more vaccines for me since......


I have stage 4B lung cancer and currently being treated with Keytruda. I have the same side effects as you. Mostly they are blaming the treatments. Try acupuncture

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