Drug-induced PD and Lupron

Posted by blackbart1941 @blackbart1941, Jul 28 12:56pm

Has anyone experienced the onset of PD after receiving Lupron/leuprolide for prostate cancer?

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Yes. I started receiving Lupron shots for prostate cancer in May 2016 and since that time have received a shot every 3 to 6 months depending on the dosage strength. I cannot be as specific or certain as to when I experienced the onset of PD. I am still in the early stages of monitoring any PD symptoms, which at this stage are still fairly minor. My best guess as to when my PD onset occurred would be March 2023 – just a few months ago. I am waiting for my first appointment with a movement disorder specialist, in November. (I have had to wait 6 months for the appointment.) At that time I might learn a bit more about where I am in development of PD. Whether there is a cause/effect relationship between Lupron and PD is a much more complicated question. I can only identify the factual chronology of my experience.
Hope that helps.

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