Dr’s at loss gritty salty saliva scab like calium deposits?

Posted by rm1986 @rm1986, Mar 13, 2019

-Tonsils have been removed-
So I’ve had this issue for quite some time now and it started off by a lump in my throat and I would’ve only noticed it when I will be running or trying to catch my breath. Then sometime later I noticed and felt hey mom on my hard pallet an felt like it was just under the skin and was movable. Moving the object hurt extremely and over about a week i eas finally abe to get it to the rear (throat side) of my mouth. Towards the back if hard pallet it started navigating to the top rear teeth.It eventually subsided for some time after figuring out certain ways to swallow in order to move it and try to keep it in a spot that didnt cause to much pain.

Months later: The pain start to return again and it Seem to always be on the right side which is where the Long is on my throat that’s just right of the Adams apple and slightly lower.. it seemed that the pain would be more so on the right side from rear molars to run stopping at the canine. Again swallowing a certain way I was able to get the majority of what was bothering me back down into the lower part of my mouth or throat it seemed. Throughout this entire time I always felt like my nose/mouth that saliva Was being pulled down to what i seemed to feel was my mid stomach. This could’ve been just the pressure.

Currently: About a months ago I noticed When using one of those flosh/tooth picks when using pick in between gums I suddenly tasted salt and if I swallowed the direction I felt it coming in it would obviously be more of that salty saliva. Eventually I started feeling great he sounds like saliva and it always seem to be coming from the front of my mouth and I swear it was coming from in between the teeth from gums. I am now getting tan, white, orangish and brown What seems to be calcium buildup which leads me to believe salivary gland stones. They seem to come out more easier when I take the first bite of something. However the amount that has come out already seems to be far more than any ive seen Online.
When Going to the doctors I saw 2 ENT, Er, urgent care. I also had 2 endoscopy’s done And they couldn’t find anything one doctor said he saw it was a little irritated and red and inflamed he also told me to swallow which I did and then repeated himself again to swallow and he said he saw limited to no movement in my saliva but no sign of anything else. Visually you can’t see anything under my tongue no white spots no lumps or on the inside of my cheeks.
Yesterday I looked into salivary massages to help lose my saliva and decided to push on the Area I could feel it in my throat again To the right of my Adams apple and slightly lower pressed it and it sounded like someone cracking my knuckles for joint and then they begin to slowly rise towards stayed around the molar to canine area And extremely hurt.
What’s leading me to believe that it might not be stones is that the thyroid is also in his area as the amount of discharge for what I believe is calcium deposits is a lot more than what I’ve seen any advice would be really appreciated thank you very much I attached two pictures they are the same just one is zoomed in more.

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Just wanted to add. I would just like to figure out what is going in and at least be pointed in right direction. Right now im concerned and from the research ive gathered it could be ine if the following

1. Salivary stones
2. Possible thyroid issue because of location of lumb
3.catarrh / Chrinic Catarrh
Catarrh is a build-up of mucus in an airway or cavity of the body.
It usually affects the back of the nose, the throat or the sinuses (air-filled cavities in the bones of the face).
It's often temporary, but some people experience it for months or years. This is known as chronic catarrh.


Updating the entire lump had sloway moved up from lower throat region and im able to describe better. It serms and feels like its a build up of these white wet bread texture and gamy like consistency. It feels like the majority of it is under chin area when im trying to swalliw. Does anyone have ideas?

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