Driving with neuropathy

Posted by ssheid @ssheid, Jan 20, 2019

Why is my neuropathy worse while driving?

@ssheid I have no medical training or background but I do have small fiber PN and it's always worse when driving for me. I think it's because you are sitting in a sometimes less than comfortable position and maybe longer than you would normally sit. Also I'm sure each of us are a little different in how driving impacts us. How is your neuropathy worse? more pain?


Mine gets worse whenever I'm not up and about, walking or running. The morning is the worst. I drive about 5 hours regularly – just the last few months my feet and legs have been getting numb and painful after about an hour so I make a pit stop, hobble around until the stiffness is gone, then get back on the road. I don't know why, I just know that it does. My neurologist said that it's Restless Leg Syndrome which quite a few of us seem to have.

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