Downsizing one’s life

Posted by kaynannet @kaynannet, Jul 29, 2018

I still work FT, I’m 54, and my husband “retired” last Sept. Iam needing to simplify my life to manage my sanity. My husband can’t comprehend that. Anybody have success with this?

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Hi @kaynannet, you will notice I moved your discussion topic to the group just want to talk.

Have you tried meditation or yoga? Another thing you could look into is the The Mayo Clinic Guide to Stress-Free Living by Amit Sood. What are some other things you have done to start downsizing?


Hello @kaynannet I am Scott and it is nice to e-meet you here. When my wife was diagnosed with brain cancer I had to downsize and simplify in all kinds of ways and areas of our life. Some by choice, some not so.

What areas are you looking to downsize and simplify? Are you thinking 'things' or time management, etc.?

Strength, courage, and peace


The best way to avoid stress- is to get rid of the Mess. We have a revolving door policy. If something new comes in, something old goes out. We try to have a negotiated compromise on the OLD that leaves.; Dr. Ron Rubenzer ; Your well-being is my commitment. Enjoy the good.


Hi Scott. I sold my house and downsized to only clothes, photo albums, things that matter. Of course I was moving from Oregon to Texas. I gave up beautiful furniture, dishes etc, Gave Silver and Crystal to one daughter and silverware to other daughter. I never felt so free. Now I have a two bedroom apartment. Slowly and cheaply I now am furnished with early Target. My son gave me "stuff" so that I could be comfortable. But, I am FREE. My kids told me they never wanted me to leave them a huge project to take care of if I passed. Now I go for walks with my dog off and on thru the day. I read, watch TV, enjoy life.


@kaynannet Hi. I am doing the same thing. My chronic illness has left me with next to zero energy. I am finding it increasingly difficult to manage my home and my hobbies. I said to my husband, "I have way too many canvases (for paintings). I don't have energy to paint any longer." I had a painting party for the neighborhood kids and that got rid of some of them. I have a lot further to go. To not get overwhelmed; I am doing it closet by closet, etc. My sanity depends on it also. How about we check in with each other and see how far we get?

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