Double lumpectomies in same breast

Posted by creekgirl @creekgirl, Jan 6, 2023

On December 13 of 2022, I had two lumpectomies in one breast. One was Ductal carcinoma in situ and one was a very rare one called Sarcomatoid Carcinoma stage 3, triple negative.

I also have a spot in one lung that is suspicious for being cancer. No results yet from a PET scan done yesterday. And my surgeon at some point needs to take out a little more breast tissue and a lymph node or more.

Has anyone had two different cancers removed from one breast? How long did it take for the soreness to go away?

Did it spread to your lung or any other organ?

I'm in a wilderness since it was diagnosed just five weeks ago. Thank you so very much for any advice.

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Just diagnosed with invasive ductal cancer and invasive lobular cancer in same breast. Planning on double lumpectomies in November. Seems like pathology report of margins comes back post surgery and theoretically one could need another surgery if margins are not clear. Is this right?

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Thanks for sharing! May I ask which scan discovered your lobular? An MRI found my lobular as so many mammos throughout the years showed my dense breasts and after a few call backs and a fuzzy ultrasound I begged for an MRI which showed the 1.8cm ILC. At 57yrs, I too had a lumpectomy back in Nov 2022 and have my first post radiation scan tomorrow (one year after MRI which showed my lobular). I am getting a diagnostic mammo but with my dense breasts fear without an MRI the docs could miss something. I will circle back and yes my margins weren't great but they decided radiation boost (20 treatments) would address this. Keep us posted..xoxoxo


March 2023 Screening Mammography showed two suspicious areas. Diagnostic BiRads 4. April 2023 biopsy of first area was ductal but hit blood vessel getting specimen and huge hematoma so couldn't get second area which they called a "focal asymmetry." Tumor board agreed second area didn't look "suspicious" so started on letrozole (April). until hematoma resolved enough to biopsy second site. Wanted surgery for ductal but surgeon wanted second site biopsy and it came back invasive lobular. Surgeon surprised by result. Ultrasound showed nothing for either cancer. Lobular sneaky and difficult to find. Think the asymmetry between breasts made them notice it Really hard with dense breasts - mine are not. hugs all around. Thinking of second opinion at MD Anderson before surgery.


Hello: I hope you are better. I had 2 lumpectomies also. 1 cancer the other not it was 9/22 and my breast is extremely sore as well as my whole right arm with nerve pain. This was from the sentinel node removal. I was told to do Volteren a topical pain creme and tylenol. I hope this helps you.

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