Dorsal root ganglionopathy

Posted by marthalicia0912 @marthalicia0912, Apr 17, 2019

Hi I’m new to this so hopefully I’m doing this right. I am a 27 year old female. About 5 years ago I started noticing numbness in my right pinky and ring finger. As the years have gone by my numbness has gone to my pointer and thumb and my left hand Pointer finger and thumb. It’s also gone to my left big toe. About three years ago I was diagnosed with aides eye. In my left eye. I’ve staryed the process of trying to figure out what’s going on. I’ve been to several drs and just get the run around. Just recently I’ve been told it could be dorsal root ganglionopathy. Anyone else have these issues as well. Anything the same? I just want some answers from real people going through the same thing. Thank you.

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Hello @marthalicia0912, welcome to Connect. Thank you for sharing your symptoms. I know it must be difficult when you just want answers. I found another discussion that was similar to yours in symptoms. You may be interested in reading through the recent discussion and meet @leifg and @trouble1965 to see if they share similar symptoms and may be able to offer some suggestions or share their experience.

> Groups > Neuropathy > Young adult with idiopathic sensory axonal neuropathy

Here is a little information I found that may be helpful.

Sensory Neuronopathy – Sensory Ganglionopathy

Have you thought about getting a second opinion? If you would like get a second opinion from Mayo Clinic, you can find the contact information for
the Minnesota, Arizona and Florida campuses here


Thank you so much. What I’ve been told is that my conditions are unusual because most neuropathies start in the feet as mine started in my hands. I’ve done lots of research and have read that article you’ve linked. Hopefully I’ll learn more here! Thank you.

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